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Joined: 17th Aug 2011
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17th Aug 2011

1. Work at the Microsoft Store!
2. Be a friend of am Eploeye at a Microsoft Store.
3. Play on our dedicated server or game server selected and voted by fellow clan members.
4. Be honest about your gaming skill level from the start, we are here to help!
5. We win as ateam and play as a team.
6. If you sign up for a raid lader match, or clan match be on time and give at least a one hour warning.
7. We are equal members on this clan so dont worry about rank order or chain of comand, but do respect our site admins.
8. Once a member of BSOD you represent our clan during every game.
9. Dont over trash talk during schdueled event after the event go crazy!
10. Be active but rember work first gaming second!
Forum » Rules » Read This
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